Our NCTS Hosted Voice is a cloud based phone system rather than the traditional premise based phone system or PABX.

All the normal functionality of a traditional phone system is provided from the the cloud with the main advantage being that everything including handsets and call costs are bundled into a monthly charge per seat or user.

Basically you just need an adequate or dedicated internet connection, and we connect the NCTS Hosted Voice IP Phones to your local computer network. NCTS can provide Hosted Voice on the NBN or our own NCTS Wireless network.

This eliminates the need for separate landlines, as all calls and phone numbers are provided by the hosted voice platform on a per user basis with the option of additional channels (lines) to accomodate high call traffic if required.

The main advantage is significantly less set up costs, as purchasing expensive phone system hardware for your site is not required. The future expansion and growth needs of your business are covered with low cost scale-ability. However it is important to understand you still require appropriate cabling and network infrastructure on site to support each IP phone.

Please talk to our consultants about a custom Hosted Voice package to suit your business.