ISDN is a digital service that provides multiple lines (known as channels) for use by many businesses and larger organisations. ISDN is available in lot of 2 channels (ISDN2) and also lots of 10 channels (ISDN10, 20 & 30).

The technology has been around for many years and has proven to be extremely reliable. Unfortunately these services are also being made redundant in the near future as new technology such as more cost effective SIP trunks operating on the NBN is made available. However unlike PSTN services, at present (Aug. 2017) your are not forced to migrate to the NBN when it is made available in you area.

NCTS can provide services in the form of SIP trunks that operate on the NBN or our NCTS Wireless network to replace your ISDN services when the NBN arrives in your area and you are forced to migrate. NCTS provides a locally managed migration service to make things as simple and seamless as possible.

NCTS can provide very competitive line rental and calling rates for ISDN services whilst you maintain your existing ISDN services.

As a locally owned Telco, we can provide quality customer service and very competitive rates. All our ISDN services operate on the Telstra Wholesale network.

Please talk to our consultants about a custom pricing package to suit your business