SIP Trunks are also known as VoIP technology. SIP Trunks are phone lines that work on the NBN or other internet based platforms such as 4G, wireless and even ADSL services.

SIP trunks are usually much cheaper to use and easier to implement.

A SIP Trunk is the equivalent replacement to a single line such as PSTN or a ISDN channel. NCTS can provide SIP Trunks on the NBN or our own NCTS Wireless network.

Care needs to be taken to ensure you have adequate bandwidth or QoS (Quality of Service) in place on your internet service to ensure call clarity and continuity.

The major benefit of SIP trunks is that it does not need the traditional Telco infrastructure to connect calls, therefore service and equipment charges (line rental) and call rates are very inexpensive.

As a locally owned Telco, we provide quality local customer service and support.

Please talk to our consultants about a custom pricing package to suit your business.