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Wireless Network

Wireless Network Products for Small to Medium Enterprises.

Small Business

TP-Link Omada Products

TP-Link Omada products are designed to be easy to use, even for small business owners with limited IT experience. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, with plenty of online resources available to help users get started.

These products are scalable, allowing small businesses to add or remove devices as their needs grow, making them a good investment for businesses planning to expand in the future.

TP-Link Omada products also include a number of security features that help to protect networks from unauthorized access, including WPA2/WPA3 encryption, port forwarding, and guest access controls. This provides small businesses with peace of mind, knowing that their data is secure.

Finally, TP-Link Omada products provide high performance for both wired and wireless devices. This makes them a great choice for small businesses that require a reliable and fast network.

Some of the features include:

TP-Link Omada Product

As a long term Partner of TP-Link Australia, NCTS has been supplying and maintaining TP-Link Omada products for over 4 years, and have developed the expertise and confidence through the experience of delivering cost effective reliable wireless solutions to thousands of businesses and organisations across Northern NSW, South East Queensland and beyond.

Small & Medium Enterprises

Ubiquiti UNIFI Products

Ubiquiti UniFi products are designed to provide reliable and secure Wi-Fi coverage in challenging environments. They are ideal for businesses that need to provide Wi-Fi to large areas, such as warehouses, outdoor campuses, or construction sites. Ubiquiti UniFi products are also weatherproof and rugged, making them ideal for deployment in harsh environments. Additionally, they offer a variety of security features to protect your Wi-Fi network from unauthorized access.

Some of the features include:


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